Concept and Biography

Sleeping Majesty was formed in 2004 by Zehid Pelvani (all music, guitars, bass and Group fotokeyboards) and Mikael Häll (all male vocals, narration and lyrics). On our first demo ”Serpens Callidus: The Bloodline of the Fallen Angels” (2006), AnnLouise Front of Frontback also appeared, performing the female vocals.


The music of Sleeping Majesty in its present manifestation can be described as an amalgam of several styles and genres. Still, the darker currents of metal is always the vital force through which our creative imaginations are expressed.


Our first demo, entitled “Serpens Callidus: The Bloodline of the Fallen Angels”, is an actual full-length concept album. It tells, in an esoterically inspired chronology, the Luciferian tale and mystical hereditary bloodline of the so called fallen angels. Herein the exoteric symbols of the tale and the esoteric concepts of the bloodline are intertwined. In other words, the mystery of the erotic, transgressive union of the human race with supernatural beings – and the powers and offspring that may stem from such intercourse – lies at the heart of the themes invoked on ”Serpens…”.

Indeed, here is a true musical and lyrical adoration of the ancestry of witchblood, i.e. of the dark art of esoteric witchcraft.


For further elaborations on these themes, see the text A Brief Dissertation Concerning the Bloodline of the Fallen Angels by M. Häll in the lyrics section; this is an essay dealing specifically with the esoteric doctrine underlying the lyrical content of the ”Serpens…”-demo.

–written by M. Häll